10 Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning for Allergies is Important

Benefits Of Having Your Carpets Cleaned

10 Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning for Allergies is Important

If you suffer from allergies, particularly to dust or pet dander, keeping your home clean and free of both triggers is essential. A house with clean carpets significantly reduces a person’s likelihood of developing some sort of health concern as the result of allergens being released into the air.

Although thoroughly cleaning your carpets may be seen as a bit of an afterthought, it should be anything but. Here are ten reasons why you should be cleaning your carpets, especially if you suffer from specific airborne allergies.

1. Carpet Cleaning Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Carpet cleaning machines use hot water and steam to penetrate between the fibers of your carpeting.  Sairam Bommagani an expert from Best 1 Cleaning Brisbane has explained that the force from the water pushes up any dirt and dust to the surface where it’s then sucked up into the dirty water tank. On top of that, the steam released from the cleaner is hot enough to neutralize and kill any live allergens in the carpet (i.e. dust mites).

2. Clean Carpets Can Reduce Anxiety Attacks

When a person is experiencing an anxiety or panic attack, their breathing becomes virtually uncontrollable. This causes the person to hyperventilate and for someone who has asthma, this may trigger a serious asthma attack. If your home is messy or you know your carpets haven’t been cleaned in a long time, this can negatively affect your mental health to the point where a panic attack may come to fruition. By keeping clean carpets, this is less likely to happen.

3. Carpet Cleaning Reduces Dirt and Bacteria

As mentioned above, carpet cleaners use steam and hot water to clean the carpet. The temperature at which the machine cleans your floor is hot enough to effectively kill any lingering germs and bacteria inside of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Reduces Dirt and Bacteria

4. Carpet Cleaning Reduces Dust Mite Infestations

One of the most common pests found in carpeting is the dust mite. Dust mites have a strict diet of dead human skin cells found in dust, and moisture from the air. So naturally, if you take away their one and only food source, the dust, then they can’t live in your carpet.

This is huge considering the dust allergen that people have reactions to comes from the dust mite itself.

5. Carpet Cleaning Prevents Mold Growth

When organic material is left to sit, mold is bound to grow from it. This is especially true with food and liquids. If you spill food or liquid onto your carpet, leaving that to set into the fibers gives mold an ideal place to grow.

However, cleaning spills up immediately after they happen and performing proper cleaning and maintenance regularly to your carpet can prevent that from happening

6. Clean Carpets Bring Better Air Quality

Although carpet is on the ground, you may be surprised to learn that the cleanliness of your carpet has an impact on the air quality in your home. Carpet is great for trapping pollutants, dust, and other particles that can get into the air. However, if a room sees a lot of traffic, then those particles can get pushed back into the atmosphere where you can potentially breathe them in. Cleaning those harmful particles out from the carpet eliminates that threat in the air and gives you better air quality in return.

7. Carpet Cleaning Reduces Lingering Odors

Some odors from pets or other organic substances can be unpleasant and trigger certain allergy attacks too. By maintaining clean carpets, you keep those unwanted odors from forming in your home and keep any allergy attacks at bay.

Clean Carpets Bring Better Air Quality

8. Carpet Cleaning Prevents Mildew

Mildew is similar to mold as it grows and thrives in spaces where there is excess moisture. Mildew can form on carpeting where wetness is prominent. This can cause issues with allergies and other parts of your health. Carpet cleaning prevents mildew to grow. Plus, it eliminate any wet spots that were there before.

9. Carpet Cleaners Are More Effective Than a Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are great for picking up any surface pollutants like dirt, loose dust, and pet hair. However, they can’t reach down to the bottom of your carpeting. For that reason, carpet cleaning machines are far more effective at distributing a thorough clean than a vacuum cleaner.

10. Cleaning Your Carpet Extends Its Life

Any time you get new carpeting, it can take a few weeks for the preservatives used in some carpets to dissipate. These chemicals used can sometimes be harmful if they’re released into the air. Carpet cleaning helps prolong its life and avoid having to purchase a brand new carpet instead.