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A ‘user’ is any person who visits the procarpetcleaningsydney.com.au site, whether registered or not. All returning and first time visitors are all users. This also covers our customers, defined below.


Content’ is all material, whether in text, image or video or any other document format that originates from the Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney website.


Any person or entity paying for a product or a service from our website, or through any affiliated body for which we are fully involved is our customer.

User Agreement

As a user of the Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney website, you agree to all the terms of service laid out on this document. Also, as a customer, you agree that buying our products or paying for a service from our website is subject to our TOS and that the TOS can be: updated, amended, and/or modified without prior notice.

Copyright Notice

All our content is copyrighted to us, except the content that our users contribute via the comments or any other means. Referencing our content is allowed. Use of a short quote is also allowable. However, to use our content in any other way is not allowed without prior notice.

If you use our images within a fair-usage limit, we may require that you give proper attribution. No part of our videos, text or images shall be used for commercial purposes without a request.

Disclaimer and Limitation

Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney promise to serve all our users and customers in accordance with our TOS. Our TOS and other policies, including guarantees and warranties are limited to only the services we offer. In case of loss due to carelessness, or a third party cause, we will not be liable. However, we are committed to ensuring that our users and customers get the best services, and we will do our best to help.

Notifications Upon Changes in TOS

Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney reserves the right to change our TOS without prior notice, however, we will notify all the registered users in case of any update, changes or modifications. Any such additional items to the TOS are solely for the purpose of serving you better.

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