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 Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our specialists at Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney provide the very popular carpet dry cleaning method for both domestic homes and businesses. With every problem comes a solution. Despite your maximum efforts, dirt, allergens and stains have probably accumulated and you are in dire need of professional cleaning. We understand that you are not just searching for a basic cleaning service but a service you can rely on to remove those deep, tough stains and dirt. Our mission is to provide high quality carpet dry cleaning service for long lasting cleanliness to ensure you have a happy, healthy home.

Dry carpet cleaning involves use of special chemical techniques which provide a no-moisture cleaning procedures resulting to stain removal and a visually pleasing results.

Methods We Use

The carpet dry cleaning procedures include;

  • Foam  – This is similar to the traditional shampooing method which requires excessive scrubbing in circular motions. But with this procedure, one does not have to wait for long periods to dry since the tiny bubbles eventually disappear with minimal foam residue to deal with.
  • Cleaning – Carbonation as used in processing drinks, is also used in cleaning carpets where the small bubbles penetrate thorough the fibres dissolving and lifts up the sticky stains and dirt embedded within. In this process, the bubbles essentially do most of the cleaning hence little amounts of water is needed.
  • Powder – In this procedure, a powder detergent is mixed with a solution. The mixture is evenly spread on the floor and brushed in circular motions to remove the dirt and grime. No drying time is required since once the powder is vacuumed off.


With our dry cleaning service, you’ll be able to walk on them right after we finish, eliminating any wasted time.. No dampness, no wetness, no moisture, just a quick and thorough clean each and every time.

At Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we believe that our work should revolve around you and your life, not the other way around.

Benefits Of Dry Cleaning

One of the main benefits is the drying time is much shorter than steam cleaning. While steam cleaning saturates with lots of water and detergents, dry cleaning only utilizes 80% less of the water used in steam cleaning. With this, breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and dirt are destroyed. Floors only require about 2-3 hours to dry without leaving any detergents residue.

  • Family Friendly Cleaning Method
  • Fast Drying – Can Be Used Immediately
  • No Shrinking or Stretching
  • Prolongs The Life Of Your Carpet
  • Removes Harmful Bacteria
  • No Residue Or Detergent Lef Behind
  • Clean & Fresh Smell
  • Great On Stains


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