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Rug Cleaning Sydney

Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney offers a range of affordable and effective rug cleaning service throughout all Sydney suburbs. There is something about clean rugs that give your home a vibrant and healthy fresh appeal. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, your guests will feel at home in the welcoming environment. Our rug cleaning process utilizes the proven hot water extraction method. This is perfect for cleaning all types of rugs. From Chinese and Oriental, Turkish and Moroccan through to collectible Persian and antique, we can cater for them all. We even do the cheap ones!

Quality rug cleaning services effectively removes dirt, debris and stains from the deep fabric. Usually, the method involves use of high calibre detergents and sophisticated machines (hot water extraction) that effectively get rid of the dirt without causing damage.

Methods We Use

  1. Wet Cleaning – The area is first pre-conditioned with a reagent that liquefies oil-based substances and soils. Water is then heated to a temperature near boiling point and pressurized then released on the dirty rug.
  2. Absorbent Pad Cleaning – A pre-vacuum is done before a chemical solution is sprayed over the surface. The solution rests for a few minutes then an absorbent cleaning pad is spun over the areas to remove all the dirt.
  3. Dry Cleaning – A cleaning powder is mixed with special cleaning agents and applied to the area. This mixture is allowed to set for 15 minutes and then vacuumed.
  4. Rotary Shampoo – Cleaning agents are applied to help suspend debris and dirt in the rug. This is then whipped into foam and worked into the fabrics with a rotating brush before being extracted with a vacuum.

Rug Cleaning Process

The Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection and analysis of the composition of the fibre and type of stain.
  2. Hand feeding the rug through a duster machine to remove debris prior to cleaning.
  3. Testing and pre-treatments for the colour fastness of the material.
  4. Pre-spray of cleaning detergent.
  5. The cleaning stage. A rotary shampoo machine is then applied onto the surface by hand to provide a gentle buffing action.
  6.  Jets of water wash away the shampoo solution.
  7. De-humidifying and drying is usually the last process. This may take a few days, yet it’s critical to ensure satisfactory result.

Finally, we will perform a final grooming to make it look new again.

Why Use Rug Cleaning?

When you use the appropriate material for a specific purpose, you will obtain adequate results. This is why we won’t advise using random material to clean your rug. In essence, if maintaining a healthy living and increasing the lifespan of your rug is part of your priority, then you must use a professional rug cleaning material. Here are a few reasons you should use rug cleaning services:

1. Ensures proper hygiene

When you use a professional rug cleaning product and services, you can ensure proper hygiene. This is because our rug cleaners are well-trained and trusted. Therefore, you can always rest assured that we will eradicate every germ, allergens, and dirt from your rug for a proper hygiene routine.

2. Ensures a better result

Good quality rug cleaning procedure will always give an excellent result. The combination of both our rug cleaning product and professional cleaners will ensure an outstanding outcome for your rugs. Cleaning your rug yourself can lead to a disaster. Apart from not knowing how to, you can use the wrong cleaning materials and technique. By hiring a rug cleaner, you can avoid the stress and possible mistakes.

3. Proper stain and odor removal 

Rug stains can result in a permanent and unpleasant odor. For example, oil and coffee spillage, dog, cat, and baby urine will make your rug smell bad without proper cleaning. Apart from this, resulting allergens can affect the respiratory organ by making it difficult for asthmatic patients, kids, and elderlies to breathe. By using a rug cleaning service, you can remove stubborn stains and odors and eliminate allergens.

4. Drop-Off Rug Cleaning Services

At Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we offer drop-off cleaning services that lets you drop off your rug and pick it at a more convenient time. This service is even more beneficial if you need to run other errands while we wash your rug away from home. Other services we offer include:

  • Proper rug maintenance
  • Stain and odor prevention
  • Rug protection

Types of Rug

Types of Rug We Clean

Shopping for rug is fun if you know how to identify the different categories of rugs that we have. To be on the safer side, we have compiled different types of rugs.

Wool rugs

Different methods of making rugs make them unique respectively. Wool rugs are hand-made and hand-knotted natural fiber. As a result, they are expensive and often passed from one generation to another.Wool rugs are difficult to clean, but have a nice glow, especially if you are using a silk rug. We recommend that you reduce constant floor traffic to increase the lifespan of the rug.

Cotton rugs

Cotton rugs are alternatives to the expensive wool rugs. However, due to the fabric type, it fades quickly and absorbs stains which result in an unpleasant odor.

Jute and Bamboo rugs

Jute and Bamboo are made up of natural fabric. This makes them suitable for beautifying an indoor space. However, the design and how the rugs are made can create a faint design like a watermark which is not easy to clean off.

Leather, Hide, and Sheepskin rugs

Just as the name implies, these rugs are made from animal skin. As a result, they are fit for outdoor spaces and are also easy to wash.

Faux rugs

The other alternative to animal skin rugs are faux rugs. Although they are not expensive, faux rugs have a synthetic blend; hence, cleaning is difficult.


Polypropylene rugs are made from nylon; hence, are very soft. Unlike some other rugs, the stains fade easily after cleaning.

Microfiber rugs

These are made from either a mixture of polyester or only synthetic. As a result, they can withstand constant floor traffic. Also, microfiber rugs are not expensive.

Advantages of Rug Cleaning

  • Helps in removal of stubborn stains and maintenance of a clean home.
  • Removes health threats (dust mites, bacteria and fungus) that might be hidden deep within the fibre.
  • Regular cleaning enhances fibres and stitching reliability which prolongs the lifespan.
  • Potential defects and wear-and-tear symptoms are spotted in good time and nipped in the bud.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take my rug to the dry cleaners?

Yes, you can dry clean your rugs. You can either bring it and pick it up later or call us to come and dry clean your rugs at your place.

What is the simplest way to clean my rug?

Clean your rug with mild dish soap diluted with water.

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