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Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

If your upholstery is dirty then our cleaning team can rejuvenate and restore it back to its former glory. Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney offer expert upholstery cleaning services for your furniture throughout the metro region. Our cleaning equipment is of the highest quality and our solutions are environmentally friendly, guaranteeing you great results. Not only will we take care of odors, discoloration, and damage, but we’ll provide the right aftercare so your furniture lives a long and healthy life.

We understand that your  furniture can be delicate and sentimental. Our teams of skilled upholstery cleaning technicians will not only clean and revitalize, but will also remove allergens and bacteria that result in allergic reactions and other medical issues. Regular cleaning of your furniture fabrics enhances its beauty and extends its lifespan.

Upholstery cleaning refers to the cleaning of any material that covers furniture. Sometimes deep cleaning is done to clean the sponge that is beneath the textile. It is best to clean upholstery on an annual basis, or more frequently is necessary.

We use a hot water extraction cleaning technique which provides amazing results. We may also use a crystallizing application. This application is a crystal formula which captures the dirt so vacuuming is more effective. Once completed, we perform a final inspection and groom.

Why Use Upholstery Cleaning?

We often get asked these questions.

Question: I can clean and dust my furniture daily if I want, why then do I need upholstery cleaning?

Question: Hiring an upholstery cleaning service seems to me like misplacement of priority. Does anything special happen to the fabric after hiring an upholstery cleaning service?

These and many more questions are the questions people ask about the use of upholstery cleaning services.

Furniture furniture and padding retain dust, dirt, and particles that are hard to see from daily use. This dirt in the fabrics is harmful to the body and you can only get rid of them by using the services of an upholstery cleaning like Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney.

Upholstery cleaning is the thorough cleaning of upholstery and ensuring that they are neat and sparkling. Not only does upholstery cleaning uphold good hygiene, but it also helps to keep the furniture in shape and the fabric in perfect condition. Cleaning the fabric can be described as observing the saying, “prevention is better than cure.”

Instead of routinely changing your furniture or fabric every time they are dirty, you can save cost by using our upholstery cleaning services.

Cleaning upholstery is important for hygienic and aesthetic purposes. But it is also a great investment for the longevity of your furniture. This cleaning process is perfect for furniture with  springs, padding, webbing, fabrics and leather. Some of the benefits include:

  • Longevity Of Your Furniture
  • Complete Restoration – Brings Life Back To Your Furniture
  • Allergen & Bacteria Removal – Safer For Children

Types Of Upholstery

Types Of Upholstery

Automotive Upholstery

This entails all the parts of the vehicle that are covered with fabric. Automotive upholstery is also known as upholstery for vehicles. It captures the totality of the fabric and paddings of a vehicle, ranging from the interior to the exterior

Marine Upholstery

This category of upholstery deals with every sort of fabric used in yachts, ships, and boats. They are usually created and designed to be more durable because they are exposed to more sunlight and other possible damages. In choosing the fabric for your marine upholstery, we advise that you consider a material that is versatile enough to satisfy your taste and also agrees with other environmental issues.

Residential Upholstery

These are upholsteries found in houses and homes of individuals. Examples are sofas, padded dining sets, etc. Upholstery for homes comes in two varieties:

Traditional Upholstery

They are also known as the upholstery of the past or classic upholstery techniques. It usually entails the use of a webbed base or solid wood with hand-built springs, filling, and wadding. As a result, it tends to be somewhat hefty. Still, traditional upholstery has proven to last longer than the modern ones.

Modern Upholstery

Just as the name implies, modern upholstery is upholstery in today’s version. They come in the style and fashion of the modern day. Unlike the traditional ones that are made with hand-built materials, they are made with processed and sophisticated materials that are not heavy, yet beautiful. This type of upholstery aligns perfectly with the style and vogue of the present day. Items that fall under this category are:

  • Cushioned dining set
  • Couches
  • Mattress

Commercial Upholstery

Hospitals, educational institutions, health and fitness centers, and other commercial institutions benefit from commercial upholsteries since they improve and extend the life of their furniture. Barstools, chairs, and outdoor seating are just a few of the products that benefit from industrial upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process

  • Initial Inspection
  • Testing – Before cleaning commences we will perform a colorfast test on a hidden surface to ensure it won’t harm the the fabric.
  • Pre-Vacuuming – We vacuum the furniture thoroughly to remove excess dirty.
  • Hot Water Extraction Process – Using our specialised equipment to remove all dirt, grime and other allergens like dust mites.
  • Post Inspection and Grooming – We will check to make sure all areas are thoroughly cleaned and perform a final grooming process. You may want to leave the foam for a minute if there are stubborn stains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which upholstery fabrics are kid and pet-friendly?

  • Microsuede
  • Crypton
  • Vinyl and large patterns
  • Microfibre
  • Scotchgard

Is it cheaper to do upholstery cleaning than making an entirely new purchase?

It depends on the kind of furniture in question. At times, some furniture tends to be cheaper than that of the cleaning service. In situations like this, you need to be sure of the quality of the furniture as quality does not go for less. However, regular upholstery cleaning generally costs lesser than one-time service

How long does it take to reupholster a piece of furniture?

It depends on the type of furniture and the totality of the project. Usually, it takes less time to reupholster than installing and making new furniture sets.

Services Includes:

  • Initial Inspection & Material Identification
  • Test For Colour Fastness
  • Pre Vacuuming
  • Pre-spotting For Stains
  • Agitation & Hot Water Extraction
  • Final Inspection & Grooming

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