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The team at Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney offer a full range of affordable carpet stain removal services for both commercial and residential properties. Your floors play an integral part in the presentation of your home. Not only are they for walking, sitting, playing, and even sleeping, but they’re the first thing people see when they enter. Most people can remove simply stains without profesisonal help. This is the easy and affordable way to remove stains. But for those who want more than just a clean look, for those who want healthy, resilient surfaces that will resist staining in the future, a solid, professional service is required. Here at Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we understand this. We understand you want nothing but excellence at the most affordable prices. We understand your need to budget, your need for quality and reassurance. Our staff of dedicated, trained professionals will give you just that.

Not only do stains look bad, they can raise health concerns too. Pests, bacteria, allergens, and other harmful chemicals can find refuge in your stains and pose serious problems, making the urgency to remove any stain at all, all the more salient.

Having a a carpet free from stains is extremely important both from a visual, as well as a health standpoint. A clean stain-free carpet tells you something about not just its owner, but the whole environment. It is essential for creating a positive atmosphere in which people will feel comfortable.

Advantages of carpet stain removal

  • A more aesthetic, visually more appealing environment
  • Improved air quality through the elimination of dust build-ups
  • No more carpet invaders like mold, mildew or dust mites
  • Fabric restoration, increased longevity of the carpet
  • With the right chemicals, a lasting anti-pollutant affect

Steam Removal Methods

Stain Removal Methods

  • Dry powder: Removing a stain happens with the help of a dry powder. The chemical agent absorbs the source of the contamination before it is removed from the carpet.
  • Low moisture: This technique requires a low moisture agent that – just like the dry powder – will act as a stain extractor. Once applied, it quickly attacks the stain before being removed from the carpet, leaving it squeaky clean.
  • Steam: While usually not a chemical free method (there are green solutions available), steam cleaning is a very efficient technique with a deep cleaning effect on any stains. Excellent for more stubborn contamination stains (such as wine and pet stains).

The Process of Removing Stains

  • Assessment – To be able effectively battle the stain, the situation is assessed. Certain contamination’s will react to different chemical agents, which is why it is crucial to know exactly what kind of stain we are dealing with.  Once the nature of the contamination is revealed, a course of action is chosen to effectively counter the problem. A chemical agent is often used to make way to the final, removal process.
  • The removal process – Using either dry powder, low moisture or steam cleaning methods removes and eliminate the stain. This process goes hand in hand with a full our carpet cleaning procedure.

Which Stains Can Be Removed?

Most stains can be removed from your carpet but it is always recommended top treat the stain as soon as it happens. Stains left for a longer period can sometimes be difficult to remove completely. Below is a list of common stains.

  • Food Stains Such As Vegemite
  • Alcohol, Wine & Soft Drinks
  • Pet Stains
  • Grease & Grim
  • Mud & Dirt
  • Paint, Ink & Dye Stains

Why Choose Our Stain Removal Service

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional & Friendly
  • The Stain Removal Experts
  • 1o Years Carpet Cleaning Experience
  • Eco-Friendly Process To Remove Stains
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction (If We Don’t Think We Can Remove The Stain We Will Let You Know)
  • Cost Effective and Competitive Prices

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  • South Sydney, Sutherland Shire & St George
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  • Western Suburbs

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