Top 10 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

10 DIY Tips for Cleaning Carpet

Top 10 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets- they can take a cold, unwelcoming space and turn it into a warm, cozy environment. Carpets remind us of safe places and safe houses and just feel great to walk on. That’s why you want to keep your carpets as clean as possible. Well, that, and so you can impress your friends.

But how can you keep your precious carpets clean without breaking the bank? Is there any way to keep those colors looking shiny and new without shelling out a month’s mortgage payment to do so? Well, as it turns out, DIY carpet cleaning is fairly easy and cheap and can grant a similar effect to getting a professional clean.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our ten tips for getting your carpet- and your home as a whole- looking shiny and new.

1. Use a Squeegee

This one sounds weird. Should you use Windex too? What about a bucket? But we promise it works.

A squeegee is a great way to really scrape things like cat hair and other large particles off of your carpet’s surface. Combined with other methods found in this list, it can get your carpets looking shiny and new in no time. And all that at the fraction of the cost of a rental machine or a cleaning crew.

So, squeegee one- just remember to leave the Windex and water out of the equation this time.

2. Blot Stains

This is less a carpet cleaning tip and more of a carpet maintenance tip. Blotting stains is really the only way to work out liquids if you don’t want to end up with a big, colorful spot on your carpet. Worked in wine is nearly impossible to get out, so you’re going to want to blot out stains rather than rub. There are some stains you shouldn’t blot with water so be careful.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol may be used to remove stains from substances like nail polish. Considering how frequently people choose to paint their nails, it may be a good idea to keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol on hold.

4. Use Shaving Cream for Dirt

Shaving cream is a miracle worker for dirt stains. It may seem improbable, but it can help remove the five-o’-clock shadow from your carpet just as well as it can from your face. Never doubt the power of an unexpected ingredient to work out stains and get your carpets looking new.

Top DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

5. Ice Cubes Cure Depressions

No, they won’t cure your blues. But, they will work out depressions left by furniture and other things. If you’ve got compressed spaces on your carpet that just look terribly out of place, simply drop an ice cube on them and it works them out like magic. No work required.

We think this tip is really cool, mostly because of how the process works. Basically, as the ice melts, the fabric gradually absorbs the fluids from it. These fluids cause the carpet fibers to expand, which pushes them up and flattens them out. Pretty neat, huh?

6. Area Rugs

You may love the look of your plain old carpet, but there’s nothing an area rug can’t do when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. Area rugs are often multi-colored and intricate, so they hide stains better. Place them on areas where you walk frequently to minimize the amount of dirt and grime that gets worked in.

Additionally, an area rug is a much easier thing to clean than a whole honkin’ carpet. Sometimes, you can even throw a rug in a washer. Please, though, read the tags on your area rug before you wash it.

7. Ice Removes Gum, as Well

Ice may seem like a miracle worker at this point, but we have to give one more amazing carpet cleaning factoid to ice. The cold temperatures of an ice cube will harden gum stuck to the carpet, causing it to contract and become less stretchy. This increases your chances of pulling it up without leaving too much residue behind.

8. Use Baking Soda for Pet Accidents

Accidents happen. Baking soda can help absorb them and get your carpet looking like new again without finding you on your knees scrubbing like Cinderella.

9. Use an Iron

You use an iron to clean your shirts, so why not to clean your carpets? Irons can help to work out those stubborn stains just as well as a half an hour spent scrubbing like a madman. Use your iron freely to work out stains and freshen up.

Top DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

10. Use a Lint Roller

An obvious suggestion, but it doesn’t occur to some people. Using a lint roller can seriously put a dent in all the shedded fur your cat or dog has worked so hard to absolutely cover your house in. A lint roller is your key to a great carpet.


Last but not lease, hope Top 10 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips that we have covered above will help you clean your carpet by yourself. We are glad to help you if you want to know more, just leave your comments below.