The Facts About Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

The Facts About Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

If you’ve been considering getting a carpet cleaning, you’ve probably heard a lot about allergies. But what if we told you it’s more than just stories. Yes, as it turns out, people aren’t just running their mouths when they extol a carpet cleaning’s ability to reduce allergens.

Carpet cleanings go deep- way deep. If you’ve got allergens set into your carpet and need a way to get them out, a carpet cleaning might be just the way to do it.

But, what are some of the ways carpet cleanings benefit allergenic people? How can getting a carpet cleaning clean the air just a little bit for you and your guests? What allergens does it eliminate?

In this article, we’ll talk about what kinds of carpet cleaning allergies a carpet cleaning can eliminate. This will help you decide whether or not a carpet cleaning is right for you.


1. It Eliminates Dirt, Grime, and Many Other Pollutants

While carpet cleanings are known for eliminating things like pet lint and pollen dragged in from the outside, there are also a host of other pollutants they can eliminate. Take, for example, built-in tar and bacteria.

Yes, as it turns out, every time you walk over your precious carpet you’re releasing years of accumulation. The pollutants you release when you walk over a commonly disregarded stretch of carpet could range from plain bacteria all the way down to cigarette tar.

This may sound stressful, but it’s nothing to panic about. However, these pollutants could be making you sick on those occasions where you feel a head cold or a bit of congestion. Your body doesn’t like these pollutants- it sees them as foreign entities. Thus, it has a bad reaction to their presence.

A carpet cleaning can really get in there to remove built-in grime by way of professional cleaning tools. If you need a way to pull those pollutants out of your rug and get your life back on track, you’re going to need a carpet cleaning. It’s effective, and can even be relatively cheap if your square footage is low and you don’t need too many rooms cleaned.

You can even rent equipment- which we will talk about later on in this article. This will bring down the cost of a carpet cleaning noticeably and give you a little bit of breathing room to work within financially.

Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

2. It Helps with Asthma

You may not like it, but your carpet is absolutely filled with nasty things. We talked a bit about tar and other pollutants in our last section, but there are many more pollutants you’ll have to watch out for throughout the course of your carpet-care routine.

For example, did you know that organisms living in your carpets right now can actually be causing asthma attacks?

Yes, it may seem odd, but little guys running amok in your carpet may be causing some minor or even major breathing issues. Carpets actually get absolutely inundated with dust mites, whose droppings can trigger all sorts of allergic reactions.

And it’s not just breathing problems you’re likely to see problems with. Certain compounds which are likely hanging around in your carpet right now have even been known to cause eczema. So, if you’ve been having eczema flair-ups, the culprit may just be your carpet (strange, huh?).

In the end, a carpet cleaning might just signal the end of the line for many allergens and asthma triggers. If you’re looking for a way to get all of these irritants out of the way and would like to work with a cleaner atmosphere in your home, a carpet cleaning can be a great way to go.


3. Pollens and Other Allergens

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the residual amount of outside allergens you may have dragged inside, a carpet cleaning can do it for you.

You see, your carpet is made up of millions of small fibers. These fibers, after a short time, can become home to any number of allergens. These allergens may come in the form of pollen dragged in from the outside world.

If you think your carpet may be housing pesky allergens, it’s good to get a carpet cleaning to clear the air. As you walk across your carpet, you’re knocking loose all sorts of irritating compounds and materials like dust and pollen, which over time can get so bad they cause allergies and headaches.

This is all not to mention the plain dirt and dust which can infiltrate your home and cause irritation of the throat and nose without technically causing an allergic reaction.

Overall, for your nose and mouth, it’s just a really great idea to keep things nice and clean. Otherwise, you could end up breathing in pollutants and allergens. Having a deep carpet clean is a great way to do this.


How Much Does it Cost?

Usually, you may be looking at anywhere between $20-$40 per room. For bigger houses, you’ll likely be looking at anywhere in the mid 100’s. Basically, it all depends on what your house’s square footage is, and how much space you’re going to be having cleaned.

Of course, a professional cleaning isn’t the only way to do it. Renting your own equipment can run you anywhere from $20-$50 for one or two days’ rental time. That means that if you get your work done in one day, you won’t have to pay a day’s fee from a rental agency.

Cleaning Carpets to Reduce Allergies


If you want to clear out allergens, you’re going to want to go for professional cleaning, or at least an equipment rental. There are,  indeed, ways of cleaning your carpets that only involve chemicals and a vacuum cleaner, but those don’t go deep enough.

Plus, these methods have been known to even leave extra stains if done incorrectly. So, if you’re looking for a way to get rid of those pollutants without putting an extra burden on yourself, it’s best to get some equipment running. You’ll thank yourself.